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H1: Take control of your energy bills with solar energy in Sydney

H2: Make the move to solar with Social Energy

H3: Save up to 100% on your electricity bill*… and the world, while you’re at it

Using solar power in Sydney isn’t just eco-friendly, it saves you money too. By reducing your reliance on the grid and taking advantage of rebates, you could be able to power your home at no extra cost and save money with cheaper energy bills. And all it takes are solar panels, a solar battery system and Social Energy for your Sydney home.

But why stop there? With our 40c feed-in tariff up to 300kWh per quarter, you could earn at least $600 extra per year by selling your excess solar, especially when you install one of our large Duracell Energy Bank batteries—that’s all on top of potentially thousands of dollars of solar energy savings with one of our premium solar panel and solar battery packages in Sydney!

Sound complicated? Not at all. Our team of solar battery consultants will walk you through each of the options available, whether or not you’ve already got solar. From there, you can start saving on your energy bills and take advantage of exclusive offers available, including $0 down payment plans.

H2: Sydney, keen to take control of your energy?

H3: Benefits of joining Social Energy

From sunrise to sundown, about 6 am to 8 pm, Sydney gets around 14 hours of daylight. Think of all the solar energy that could save you money.

There are a few handy incentives and rebates for Sydneysiders, designed to put some money back in your pocket.

H4: STCs - Renewable power incentives for going solar

Households across Australia that install a solar system (small-scale renewable energy system) can benefit from the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to help with the purchase cost of going solar. Here’s where we come in: we deal with the entire process.

Installing an eligible system hands you Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) that equate to a monetary value and we discount this from the cost of your system. The number of STCs you can create is based mainly on the amount of renewable electricity your new solar system produces or the amount of electricity use it reduces.

When you go with Social Energy, we take on the slow, difficult process of claiming the STCs for your system. As a CEC-Accredited Solar Retailer, we claim and sell your STCs on your behalf for the best possible price, passing on your savings swiftly and directly at no extra cost.

On average, the government solar rebate in NSW can save you up to $455/kW of solar panels installed. The amount of these rebates will drop as more people get with the program, so don’t wait - save on the cost of going solar!

How much could you save? A typical home in Sydney would likely need a 6.7kW system, so could expect a saving of $3,050 off the cost of a new solar system.

New South Wales is responsible for approximately one-quarter of Australia’s total energy consumption. Around 94% of the energy used in NSW comes from non-renewable sources such as oil, coal, and gas. Homeowners going green can reduce the reliance on non-renewable sources and save money in the process - and we have seen a 39% growth in solar generation.

H3: With solar energy in Sydney, it’s the sooner the better!

Time is of the essence here—as more people take up these incentives, the amounts you can claim get smaller. Now’s the time to go solar to make the most of the opportunity.

H2: Creating a new world of energy

H3: Why Social Energy is the future of solar power in Sydney

We’re all about anything solar, from solar panels to solar batteries in Sydney. Social Energy makes going green better! With our clever energy tariffs, families across Australia can get the most out of their solar panels and battery, helping them to live greener and save more.

Our tech-driven energy business is all about fostering a community of green-minded people to save on their bills. Entering your battery into Social Energy’s virtual power plant (our clever technology), allows us to pay you 4x more for the solar you don’t use up to 300kwh per quarter.

H4: Say goodbye to blackouts

Contrary to popular belief, having a solar battery doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe from blackouts or brownouts. Just like your home, most solar batteries would cut out and it’d be time to reach for the candles. With our Social Energy Backup Unit, not so; our smart power protection box connects seamlessly to your solar battery, powering up your home even when the electricity goes down.

H4: We pay 4x more

Where other energy providers typically pay 10c or less per unit for your excess solar power in Sydney, we pay 40c for up to 300kWh every quarter and a great competitive rate thereafter. It all adds up.

H4: All-in-one solution

By combining solar panels and solar batteries for Sydney homeowners, with our Social Energy Better Together tariff, you’re best equipped to secure a $0 energy bill*. If you already have your own solar panels, you can still join by purchasing one of our solar batteries.

H4: Exclusive Duracell solar batteries

After powering the gadgets and gizmos in all our lives for decades, Duracell can now power your home too—with the pioneering Duracell Energy Bank, only available from Social Energy.

H2: Get a feed-in tariff in Sydney

H3: Here are some benefits of a feed-in tariff

When you purchase one of our solar panel and solar battery systems in Sydney, you can take advantage of our feed-in tariff, which pays you for the excess electricity generated by your solar system that’s not stored in your battery for use in the evening.

H4: Quadruple your feed-in tariff

Get the best price for the solar energy you don’t use at home. Where other solar energy providers in Sydney typically pay 10c or less per unit for your excess solar, we pay 40c for up to 300kWh every quarter.

H4: How to get a feed-in tariff in Sydney

To receive a feed-in tariff in Sydney, a solar PV system must be:

H2: Want to reduce your energy bill by up to 100%*? Let’s get started

Change to Social Energy in Sydney, the energy retailer built only for homes with solar panels and connected solar batteries, and we’ll work with you to monitor your usage and maximise your savings, getting you even greater returns on your investment.


H2: Cutting-edge solar energy equipment… coming to a Sydney home near you

H3: In the market for a truly green and affordable way to store your renewable solar energy?

With innovative home energy storage solutions engineered by our team of solar battery experts, we have something for every home. Take a look at our top-of-the-range energy products now and find out how our leading Duracell solar battery package can save you money on your energy bill.


H2: We put the power back in your hands

We’ve helped over 7,500 homeowners make massive savings, all while fighting climate change. Living in Sydney is expensive enough as it is, so why not save money on expensive energy bills by going solar or adding a battery to your system?

See what our customers have to say about Social Energy.


H2: Get in touch

Any questions or wondering where and how to sign up? Feel free to get in touch with us via email or on the blower—we’re a social bunch, we promise.

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