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The People Pod - Exeter - Property Assistant Manager ad (Example Webpage)


Calling all property gurus, Exeter is looking for Property Assistant Managers! If you're in property management and looking for a new and exciting challenge or perhaps the next step up the ladder into a managerial position, then The People Pod has just the job for you in Exeter – Property Assistant Manager.

Imagining that title, looking good under your name on LinkedIn or on your business card? We thought so. The role will use both the valuable soft and hard skills you have gained so far in your career and take you to the next level along a promising career progression path. Why even stop there? You never know, getting the Property Assistant Manager job in Exeter could be your first step towards being a property mogul. We’re serious.

Our clients are looking for motivated and ambitious professionals in the property space that are commercially focused, results orientated, and are good with people or in a team to deliver results and a high standard of service.

If you’re a property virtuoso looking for the next step up in your career, we’re looking for you! Please send over your CV or call us today.

H2: The Job – Property Assistant Manager (Exeter)

The Property Assistant Manager job in Exeter is a diverse and exciting role, full of responsibilities. One day, you could help manage all aspects of a property and meet with prospective tenants to show off your portfolio and conduct interviews.

Another day, you could find yourself collaborating with the property management team to produce catchy advertising materials. You may even prepare budgets and financial reports, coordinating with outside vendors to arrange for landscaping, security, and other key services.

Your skills:

  • Excellent communication and people skills

  • Highly organised and meticulous

  • Excellent customer service abilities

  • Well-versed in time management and task prioritisation

  • Outstanding critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Solid understanding of anti-discrimination housing laws

Qualifications, Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent (business, management or real estate bachelor’s degree recommended)

  • Prior experience in real estate or property management

  • Any required licensing/certification

H2: Exeter Calling

With so much to offer, living in Exeter as a Property Assistant Manager is sure to appeal! The city offers potential Exonians a range of great property types (keeping things fresh in your job too!), some outstanding things to do, top-quality schools and some good transport connections across the UK if you’re looking to commute in.

Exeter is regarded as a great place to live, a city with a rich history. The city, in the rural county of Devon, has it all – stretches of beautiful coastline, rolling hills, and countryside all around, but it's also a bustling city with much to do. Exeter is a youthful city, which gives it a real vibrancy.

It could be the rugby if you’re a fan of the egg-chasing, grabbing a drink in one of the many traditional pubs or a bite to eat on the Waterfront. Why not go for a nature walk along the coast or the Exeter Canal? Sightseeing ‘the House that Moved,’ or the 2000-year-old cathedral and several charming medieval streets may also be right up your street.

H2: Why The People Pod?

We are a leading boutique recruitment consultancy specialising in placing full-time employees into high growth businesses with good career progression paths across the UK and internationally. Ex-industry professionals ourselves, our team have a wealth of experience in the Property sector. Our recruitment specialists are experts in supporting ambitious, high-calibre candidates on their journey towards bigger and better things, including taking the step up into management.

Our approach all starts with understanding your potential employer’s business and its culture to see if you’re a good fit – in this case for a Property Assistant Manager job in Exeter! The People Pod method ensures that we send the best Property Assistant Manager candidates from our impressive talent pool to jobs they stand a good chance of securing.

We challenge the outdated ways of recruitment, as our specialist recruitment account managers go the extra mile to find the best talent and get to know you as whole people – so if we contact you, that’s because we believe in you! We take the time to understand the Property job market and uncover your aspirations to ensure we always find you the perfect career opportunity.

At The People Pod, we place the brightest and best – want to get on board?

Contact Us

To speak to our friendly team about how we can help you secure your dream job, call our Head Office on 01204 589 555 or complete our online enquiry form.

Otherwise, good with people, good with property? Apply for the Property Assistant Manager job!

We recommend signing up for job notifications in the Manchester region to make your search simpler to find the perfect property opportunity. It only takes a few seconds.


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