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SD Worx / Nobia

Empowering Nobia's People & Culture Support Team with a cloud-based HR & Payroll solution

Nobia, Europe’s leading kitchen specialist, needed to digitally transform its legacy payroll and in-house HR systems. Partnering with SD Worx, they developed a streamlined HR shared services centre, relying on cloud payroll technology and an integrated people management system to drive efficiency and add value.

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“We weren't quite sure whether we were going to meet that challenge. But I think we absolutely have engaged colleagues and managers in the use of the software. And I have to say the way that we're now using it as a business is incredible.”

Julie McHugh, People & Culture Partner and Support Team Manager, Nobia

The challenge

Serving 60,000 customers and delivering over 10,000 kitchens a week, Nobia is a European kitchen manufacturer and retailer, home to four industry-leading brands, including Magnet, and a huge number of employees spread across different locations.

It’s hard to imagine just how many processes and how much data a business like Nobia has to handle when it comes to HR and Payroll. To make the situation even more complicated, Nobia’s HR and payroll people were working in silos, with little communication between various parts of the business. That meant there were differences in processes and ways of working—a recipe for inefficiency.

Nobia was operating a legacy payroll system and in-house HR system that forced the team to use multiple systems and spreadsheets, causing lots of wasted time and double keying. Not to mention, filling up spreadsheets for hours on end is ripe for human error.

Europe’s leading kitchen supplier needed:

  • A well-managed and accurate way to store and use large amounts of HR data

  • A shared service function, streamlining the team so they consistently provide the same service in the same way to the same high standard

  • A company that could be a real partner, advising on the best ways to work with HR data and systems

The SD Worx solution

Tasked with creating a streamlined HR shared service centre, SD Worx specialists collaborated with Nobia to implement new cloud payroll technology and an integrated HR system that made a dramatic difference by: 

  • Making it simple for Nobia employees to send and receive payslips online via cloud payroll technology

  • Implementing SD Worx integrated HR software in combination with the payroll software as one bespoke package with a single interface.

  • Facilitating reliable HR data management and HR and Payroll data analytics, giving Nobia a competitive edge.

  • Transforming Nobia’s internal communication and stakeholder management via an efficient, scalable workflow that encourages collaboration.

Key business benefits

SD Worx achieved a hands-on, effective collaboration with Nobia based on trust to deliver exactly what the kitchen manufacturer needed. One of the core benefits was arming Nobia’s in-house payroll team with the technology to be efficient, the freedom to self-serve and the insights to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Not only did the SD Worx HR & Payroll solution empower Nobia’s team to excel in their roles in a fast-paced and dynamic space, it engaged colleagues and raised morale by releasing Nobia’s HR team from an inefficient system, the repetitiveness of manual entry, while also minimising the risk of human error.

Ultimately, SD Worx’s advanced all-in-one solution has allowed the team to focus on more strategic HR goals, such as employee wellbeing and recruitment.

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