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H1: Juggling Inboxes? Streamline Your Email Experience

Let your productivity soar. Save time and your sanity by managing all your email workflows - accounts, calendars, contacts, favorite apps, and more all in one place.

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H2: Managing your emails shouldn’t be a struggle. Let them flow with Mailbird.

Too much going on? Tired of switching between accounts or tabs?

Calling all businesses. It’s time to supercharge productivity by simplifying your email experience. Say goodbye to account overload with Mailbird.

Whether it’s word processing programs, task management, or sorting your calendar – nowadays there are a lot of processes to juggle and keep on top of. Then there’s juggling campaigns, clients, social media and customer support.

Let Mailbird handle your email management, so you can stay on top and your team can spread their wings and send productivity flying.


H2: Mailbird helps make your challenges smaller

Here are the numbers. Professionals receive about 88 emails and send about 33 emails on average per day. Around a third of work time is spent on email… over 3 hours a day.*

Maximize your team’s productivity and email workflow, so you can:

-    Navigate your client relationships & communications with ease
-    Optimize communications channels
-    Problem-solve and make decisions better
-    Manage your projects and order your working day


H2: What businesses say about our award-winning solution

9 in 10 businesses say that Mailbird creates an enjoyable interaction with their email, describing our interface as intuitive and beautiful.

We love happy clients, which is why we dedicate a Customer Happiness Team to truly understand the needs of you and your business and help you achieve results. Fast.



H2: Less time on your inbox, more time on your business

Integrate all the communication and productivity apps you need to run your business without distractions.

Use our keyboard shortcuts, filters, quick action bars, and more to cut through the noise of your inbox.

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H2: Tailor-made for businesses

Mailbird provides a clean, simple, and effective solution for your email management across Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11.

H3: Supercharge productivity <LOGO>

Let Mailbird handle your email workflow, giving you and your team time back to do what you do best – running your business and generating more revenue

H3: Order your inbox <LOGO>

You may be juggling multiple email accounts. Relieve the frustrating, time-consuming task of switching between them constantly

H3: Manage your people <LOGO>

Bring your people management to the next level, streamlining your Client liaison, Accounts and Operations through an all-in-one solution

H3: Simple set-up <LOGO>

Create unlimited accounts and migrate all your emails easily. Simplify your workflow.

H3: Easy-to-use interface <LOGO>

Master our intuitive app in minutes and take control of your inbox. No matter how busy it is.

H3: Lightning-fast <LOGO>

A true powerhouse software that does not impact computer performance

H3: Industry-leading integrations <LOGO>

Mailbird works seamlessly across your business ecosystem of leading productivity apps like Asana, Google Workspace, Slack, and more – boosting your performance.


H2: Stay Organized. Stay Engaged. Stay Productive

Slash the work needed for smooth communication across your organization with our market-leading software.

Mailbird has all the tools and features to maximize productivity.


H2: Join over 2 Million Productive Businesses Today

But don’t just take our word for it…

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H2: No sign-up or credit card required

Manage all your accounts in one convenient place. We’re so confident you’ll love what Mailbird does for you and your business, we’ll offer you a Free Trial.

And if you stay on like X of our customers, our accessible app won’t break the bank, but we can’t promise it won’t boost productivity.

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H2: Bottom line. Email made simple and enjoyable.

Email management? No sweat. Cut out the stress of keeping on top of your email streams and power up your productivity. Easy.

It’s time to fly with Mailbird.

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