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This free eBook shows you how to:

1. Reduce financial costs

by investing in the wellbeing of your people

2. Achieve a 6:1 Return On Investment

from your workplace wellbeing program 

3. Increase productivity, engagement, and morale

while boosting your brand reputation

4. Prevent sickness, transcend stress and burnout

more effectively with proactive solutions available 24/7

5. Provide personalized support

as/when needed with professional experts available online


1. Why Employee Wellbeing is Important to Your Business and How to Maximize ROI

Sickness absence is costing businesses a staggering $1 trillion in productivity each year globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 90% of employees said stress, anxiety and depression stop them from thriving at work. 93% of small to medium businesses believe that wellness programs have a positive influence on their bottom line.

2. The Business Case of Investing in Employee Wellbeing Programs

The top ten reasons your business needs a workplace wellbeing program. The business benefits include helping you attract and keep top talent, lowering absenteeism and healthcare expenses, promoting employee engagement, boosting productivity, improving your business performance, and providing an excellent 6:1 return on investment.

3. How to Implement Effective Employee Wellbeing Initiatives

Employers face a tremendous healthcare dilemma, and there is just too much at stake to be reactive. Fortunately, there are several effective initiatives that you and your company can easily put in place to enhance mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, for the good of your business and people.

4. Five Ways Business Leaders Can Boost Business and Benefit People

Businesses have an excellent opportunity since a sizeable proportion of the workforce is more interested in a better workplace culture than the traditional security of a corporate salary. However, they must deliver on employee wellbeing to fulfill that potential; providing access to the right expertise, resources, and support.

5. World-class Wellness Solutions for Your Business

Proactively focusing on wellbeing can reduce health care costs, decrease absenteeism, boost engagement, and increase productivity. Even better, wellness initiatives don’t have to be expensive, making them an attractive investment for any budget.

The Business Leader's Guide to Workplace Wellbeing: Text
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